In a blink

Things change so quickly this time of year. In a blink, seedlings pop up, flowers bloom and fade, tottering lambs become speeding daredevils. It’s hard to keep up with all this activity. I’ve been cleaning beds and transplanting seedlings while keeping an eye on the asparagus patch so the shoots don’t get away from me. A … [Read more…]

Oh, poop…

A very productive weekend. Neighbours helped muck out our barn in exchange for a share of the sheep manure. A giant pile is sitting next to the vegetable garden waiting to be spread on the beds. I spent most of the weekend on my hands and knees pulling weeds in preparation for top-dressing and planting. … [Read more…]


Amalie had her lambs this morning – three of them! Mom and babes all appear to be healthy. The lambs are all black with tiny white tufts on their heads.  I don’t know how we will tell them apart. Amalie was in labour this morning, and I was watching her from the kitchen window. Suddenly, there … [Read more…]


First little asparagus harvest of the season. We have about 20 asparagus plants and are always excited when the first shoots are big enough to pick. Asparagus is a perennial vegetable and easy to grow. You just need space, sun and patience. The asparagus crowns should each have between six and nine square feet to allow … [Read more…]