Why you should grow flowers

I love flowers. My mom always had fresh flowers in the house, and I have continued that tradition throughout my life. Even a single blossom can bring beauty and fragrance into your home. I grow a lot of flowers, but not “just” because they are beautiful. Flowers can bring great benefits to your garden. We … [Read more…]

Gardening for life

Gardening¬†saved my life. I have struggled all my life with depression, compounded by a chronic, life-threatening illness diagnosed in my early twenties. In 2011 I had a stem cell transplant to save my life. However, I wouldn’t have survived this long without gardening. Gardening is therapeutic. If I feel depressed, unmotivated, blah, restless – I … [Read more…]


Yum! Artichoke season has arrived early on the Far Side! It is always a pleasure to find a ripe artichoke in the garden. ¬†Organic artichokes aren’t available locally, and the non-organic ones are pretty expensive, shipped in from far away, and usually look pretty beaten up. This is one of the reasons I grow food. … [Read more…]