Some years are like that…

Every year on the farm is an adventure. Some years, the weather is ideal, pests are manageable and the vegetable garden¬†flourishes. Some years, lambs fatten up quickly and our feed costs go down. Some years are like that. Other years, the weather, pests, timing and other issues intervene. This year is one of those. Our … [Read more…]

Off with their heads!

Throughout the growing season, I indulge my inner Red Queen. Deadheading, cutting back, pinching out, thinning; off with their heads! I have many self-sown annuals in the garden, but I don’t want a thousand of them. I regularly deadhead the calendula and cosmos to prevent seed production and to encourage more blossoms. Unless you want … [Read more…]

Farm to table

We raise our sheep for meat. They are nice¬†animals and we treat them lovingly. But, at the end of the day, they are food. There isn’t much room for sentimentality on a farm. We are keeping one of our ewe lambs to expand our breeding stock, but the selection was based on lineage and size … [Read more…]