Some years are like that…

Every year on the farm is an adventure. Some years, the weather is ideal, pests are manageable and the vegetable garden flourishes. Some years, lambs fatten up quickly and our feed costs go down. Some years are like that.

Other years, the weather, pests, timing and other issues intervene. This year is one of those. Our lambs were born unexpectedly early – October and December last year – meaning high feed costs. We also lost access to the neighbour’s pasture due to a change in ownership. More feed costs. The weather has been crazy. It rained every day in March, delaying planting. It got hot in April causing seedlings to wither or bolt, and May and June have been very changeable. A very persistent rabbit is causing havoc in the garden as well. Stolen crops and damaged plants are taking a toll. Poor germination has also meant reseeding a number of things, and my health and medical treatment schedule have further delayed progress in the garden. Some years are like that.

However, the severe drought last year has forced many plants into high gear. The trees have been laden with blossoms and seeds, the Asiatic lilies and roses have been spectacular, and the artichokes and asparagus have been very productive. Some years are like that.

No matter what nature throws our way, we have learned, adapted and recognized that we really aren’t in control. A combination of pragmatism and optimism guides our approach. Robert says – half jokingly – that we’ll keep farming until the money runs out. I hope you are having a good year in your garden.