Time flew…

A friend mentioned in a note that it had been a long time since I posted something new. Where did that time go?!? It flew by. I can make lots of excuses, but I feel a sense of loss for all those days that rushed past while I was busy with stuff. It brings to mind John Lennon’s statement that “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

When I was told – early in life – that I would have a shortened lifespan, I didn’t take the approach that many “terminal” patients do. I didn’t start living every day as if it were my last. That seemed so gloomy – how could I go to sleep at night if I was behaving like I wouldn’t wake up? Instead, I tried to live each day as if it were my first. What would I learn? Who would I meet? Something new to taste? As medical science improved, so did my chance for a normal lifespan. However, I still live wide-eyed and curious. I am not an adventure-seeker. I’m introverted, bookish, creative and solitary.  And busy. Too busy. Sometimes I forget my own rules.

Farm life appeals to me because it requires attention to the natural rhythm of the world. Full of wonder. So much to learn. Every day brings something new, but familiar. As we travel around the sun, the quality of light changes. As the moon travels around us, we have a different sky every evening.

As those days rushed by, the weather turned wintry. Lambs were processed. I planted garlic. I thought about where I would plant potatoes next year so I don’t put manure on that bed (makes spotty spuds).  I weeded and noticed the buds on the hazelnut trees. Those were the days I paused. Thought. Looked up.

The garden, forest and sheep insist that we stop and notice things.  Life can sometimes feel like it is rushing by in a torrent, but it is important to pause and enjoy the plop of a single raindrop, the spicy scent of the cedar trees, the tiny forest of mushrooms under a fallen bough. Time to slow down, take a deep breath and revel in the wonderful moments of life.