Challenging times…

Thanksgiving weekend is here – a time for contemplating what we are particularly thankful for in our lives. I’m always thankful for my family, my friends, and the good fortune to have been born in Canada. Thankful for our brimming pantry and bountiful garden. Thankful for our warm and comfortable home. Thankful that we live in peace and safety.

As we know, most of the world does not share this ideal life. War, poverty, disease, hunger and oppression are the terrible reality of many human lives. Some of this is driven by politics and greed – avoidable disasters. Others suffer from pollution and the mis-management of our natural resources. Many live in fear. It isn’t hard to find something disheartening or overwhelming in the world around us. It is easy to slip into negativity and bitterness. However, it is the optimists of the world who find solutions. Who believe there are ways to overcome challenging times. Who can see past the hurt and anger to the possibilities for the future.

I have suffered ill health my entire adult life. I learned to get on with things, to make the most of opportunities and recognize the power of a positive outlook. No matter what the challenge, I look deep to find the beauty in life. The lovely photo accompanying this post is by my friend, Chris Roberts. Chris can see the beauty in things – the amazing colour and texture of bark and lichen. On this Thanksgiving weekend, I hope we all take a moment to see the beauty in life and the possiblities a hopeful heart and optimism bring to light. Count your blessings every day.