Winding down

The year is almost over, and once again I am amazed at how quickly time flies. A flurry of medical appointments, a couple of brief trips and suddenly I’m running out of year! My grandson is already two and I’m officially a senior. Gosh.

Solctice is later this week – a time of contemplation for me. I will be spending Christmas with my husband, adult children, their partners and my grandson. Time spent with my loved ones is always worthwhile. Introvert as I am, their presence fills me with joy and inspires me.

The house is decorated inside and out, gifts are bought and wrapped, and the baking is done (for now…) It is cozy and warm inside while a storm rages outside – high winds and lots of rain. The sheep are clustered together for warmth and companionship. When the sun comes out they will wander through the pasture on their own, but at night or during a storm, they want to feel safe and cozy, too.

Mother nature has put the trees to sleep, although the rhododendrons are blooming and some edibles continue in the garden. The owls are hunting in the moonlight, prey easier to see through the bare branches. A blanket of leaves covers the perennials – some insulation against the cold and a cozy hiding spot from those owls.

I recently made a very soft, fluffy sweater for my grandson. When he put it on, he beamed and cuddled into it. He likes to be cozy, too. I wish you a cozy year end and a joyful holiday season.