Leaps forward

In February I was putting on the brakes. The odd weather had the garden confused and I had to reel in my enthusiasm. Now, in May, everthing has leapt forward. The grapevine in the greenhouse has fruit developing. We have a dozen lambs in the barn, lettuce in the garden and a vase of lilac blossoms in the livingroom. The mild weather has everything racing along and I’m struggling to keep up.

We are now getting some much-needed rain, but overall it is very dry this year and we are already seeing the effects. The blackberries that usually threaten to take over the fence have been dying back. I had to water some of the garden in March, when I would usually be wading in some spots. The asparagus has almost finished for the year, weeks earlier than usual.

I don’t know what all this means for the future, but I must adapt in the garden. This year I am trying some new varieties of crops and am planting at different times than in previous years. Crop rotation continues to minimize pests, but I have added more trap crops and natural deterrents, such as tagetes and nasturtiums. I am also planning some additional changes to hold moisture in the soil.

I’ve also discovered just how terrible I am at digging potatoes. This year, I have two beds planted with potatoes. I have potatoes coming up in four beds. While I admire the ability of those overlooked tubers to survive the winter and sprout the following year, I wish they weren’t doing it under the shallots and lupins.

In the midst of all this, my weaving and other fiber work have leapt forward. This creative outlet on days when the weather or my health keep me out of the garden is so important to me and I appreciate the opportunity to explore new techniques.

I hope you are also finding ways to stay productive and inspired as we ride the tide of life.