It’s raining, it’s pouring…and we both snore

First, a lot of snow. Then, a lot of rain. Too much rain. The rainfall in January caused flooding on the south Island. Homes evacuated, local boys lost to a swollen river, businesses washed away.

We are okay, as are our neighbours. Orveas Creek runs through the back of our property, but is in a deep ravine and poses no threat to us. The vegetable garden is on a slope, but no gardening will be done until the ground is less saturated. Walking on sodden ground compacts soil, destroying its structure. Plants like fluffy soil with air in it, not compacted mud. So, I wait.

The sky is a sullen grey, dishing up wind, drizzle, downpours, fog, snow flurries, hail; you name it. This wild weather messes up our sleep, too, as the four big skylights above our bed and huge windows to the vaulted ceiling amplify sound. Sometimes we seek a quiet sleep in the guest room.

However, I am grateful. So grateful. My family and home are safe. So many people have suffered from the flooding, power outages and slides. We are not among them. My heart aches for them as we wait for the sun.