Life goes on…

Shut downs, masks on, standing in line to enter a store. How the world around us has changed.

But some changes are good: quieter skies and less vessel traffic in the strait; the realization that you don’t need so much stuff. One change in BC is the cautious expansion of our social bubbles during the pandemic. This allowed us to attend our son’s wedding; a small, lovely ceremony on a beach near their home. Love lives on. Our family has expanded to include a daughter-in-law who has brought much joy to our lives.

Our daughter and her family were able to attend the wedding before their return to California last week. Sorry to see them leave, while understanding that they need an opportunity to get on with their lives at home while recalibrating for the future.

Robert and I are preparing for the next adventure in our lives. We are contemplating selling the farm and relocating to the area where our son and daughter-in-law have settled. It offers a less chore-driven lifestyle and an opportunity to return to cruising the Gulf Islands in our sailboat. A smaller garden would lighten my load and Robert could retire.

It is tempting to stay put. To hunker down and continue on our familiar path. However, each major change in our lives has given us new opportunities. A chance to explore a new way of living and a new perspective.

As I tend the garden, I feel some pangs of regret. Will I ever get to taste those figs? Should I start digging out the plants I want to take with me? And where am I taking them, anyway? I remind myself that life goes on. There will be a new garden, a new microclimate to learn, an opportunity to experiment with a new approach. So, I enjoy the current harvest and hope the future owners of this lovely garden will enjoy the fruits of my labours in their new adventure.

What will be your next adventure?