The end.

I’m looking out the window at Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic Mountains. In the foreground are fields, llamas and alpacas. It is a cool, sunny morning with the trees flaunting their glorious fall foliage. Lovely.

This view will remain, but we will not. We have sold our little farm to a young couple who are keen to leave city life behind them. We are relocating to a small town further up Vancouver Island. A pretty seaside village and a smaller home. Walking distance to shops and transit. Closer to our son and daughter-in-law. Fewer chores, more time to relax.

Our life on the farm has been deeply rewarding, challenging, and life-altering. We have learned so much. We have experienced birth, death and the delight of watching baby lambs find their footing. We have felt the joy of having our flock race to meet us at the gate, bottle lambs who thrived, first-time mother ewes rising to the occasion.

We have felt intimately in tune with Mother Nature. We learned to recognize the voices of the wildlife we share the land with, to recognize the subtle signs of growth and seasonal shifts. We foraged for mushrooms, tapped maple trees, made wine from our own vineyard and dined on meals entirely harvested from our garden.

Like the seasons, our lives change over time. I can no longer manage our huge garden on my own. Robert has been working full time while being a shepherd. A lot of work. We left city life for a rural lifestyle. We discovered the pleasure of small towns and community. And now we move on to our next adventure.

We wish you peace, health and happiness in all your adventures.