The end.

I’m looking out the window at Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic Mountains. In the foreground are fields, llamas and alpacas. It is a cool, sunny morning with the trees flaunting their glorious fall foliage. Lovely. This view will remain, but we will not. We have sold our little farm to a young couple … [Read more…]

Life goes on…

Shut downs, masks on, standing in line to enter a store. How the world around us has changed. But some changes are good: quieter skies and less vessel traffic in the strait; the realization that you don’t need so much stuff. One change in BC is the cautious expansion of our social bubbles during the … [Read more…]

What’s normal?

It has been a long time since the last post. Too much has happened. There are no words to describe how sorry I feel that many people have had their lives irrecoverably changed. Jobs lost, businesses closed, friends or family members lost to an enemy we can’t see. Some things that have changed in our … [Read more…]

Beginnings, endings, and all that’s between

It is fall, but feels like winter. The year is drawing to a close. A death in our extended family has brought a life to its end. The lambs are all gone, as are a couple of the older members of the flock. So many endings. But life is a circle – endings bring beginnings, … [Read more…]

But is it sustainable?

Sustainability has become one of those words that gets used with little thought. But it is a really big deal. Climate change, deforestation, pollution and threatened species all serve to remind us that it is a finite world. We can’t take more than what the world can replenish or withstand. This applies to all things … [Read more…]

Leaps forward

In February I was putting on the brakes. The odd weather had the garden confused and I had to reel in my enthusiasm. Now, in May, everthing has leapt forward. The grapevine in the greenhouse has fruit developing. We have a dozen lambs in the barn, lettuce in the garden and a vase of lilac … [Read more…]

It’s just a matter of time…

The past few weeks have been wacky! We started with an extremely mild winter – double digit highs some days and lows above freezing. The daffodils started to jump up, buds developed on all kinds of things that should bave been sleeping and toads started singing in the woods. Then, reality struck. A winter storm … [Read more…]

Winding down

The year is almost over, and once again I am amazed at how quickly time flies. A flurry of medical appointments, a couple of brief trips and suddenly I’m running out of year! My grandson is already two and I’m officially a senior. Gosh. Solctice is later this week – a time of contemplation for … [Read more…]

Challenging times…

Thanksgiving weekend is here – a time for contemplating what we are particularly thankful for in our lives. I’m always thankful for my family, my friends, and the good fortune to have been born in Canada. Thankful for our brimming pantry and bountiful garden. Thankful for our warm and comfortable home. Thankful that we live … [Read more…]