But is it sustainable?

Sustainability has become one of those words that gets used with little thought. But it is a really big deal. Climate change, deforestation, pollution and threatened species all serve to remind us that it is a finite world. We can’t take more than what the world can replenish or withstand. This applies to all things … [Read more…]

Leaps forward

In February I was putting on the brakes. The odd weather had the garden confused and I had to reel in my enthusiasm. Now, in May, everthing has leapt forward. The grapevine in the greenhouse has fruit developing. We have a dozen lambs in the barn, lettuce in the garden and a vase of lilac … [Read more…]

Sharing the bounty

Yesterday, we attended a family reunion. My generation are now the elders of the family – some of us are grandparents. As the family continues to grow, it has also become more widespread, making it difficult for the younger generation who are busy with their babies and jobs to attend family gatherings. We shared photos … [Read more…]

Time flew…

A friend mentioned in a note that it had been a long time since I posted something new. Where did that time go?!? It flew by. I can make lots of excuses, but I feel a sense of loss for all those days that rushed past while I was busy with stuff. It brings to mind John Lennon’s … [Read more…]

Ebb and flow

Living on a farm keeps us attuned to the continuous ebb and flow of life. Our sheep, the multitude of birds, and the wild rabbits remind us year-round of the cycle of life. In the garden, seeds sprout, plants grow, bear fruit and wither. Today, a solar eclipse served as a reminder that we are … [Read more…]

Do farmers get vacations?

If you have a farm, livestock, operate a CSA, or rely on regular farmers’ markets for income, it can be hard to get away – especially during lambing, planting, harvesting, etc. This year, we are celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday and our 30th wedding anniversary by travelling across our beautiful country. It’s a driving trip – … [Read more…]

Beauty in the dying days

The leaves have fallen, lying in damp clumps. Cooler weather and rain have brought on a bloom of mushrooms and lichen. Plant stalks have withered and tumbled over in the wind. But wherever you look, there is beauty in these dying days. The photo with this story is of a dead holly leaf. Photographed by my … [Read more…]

Batten down the hatches!

The west coast of Vancouver Island is well-known for its storms. Powerful windstorms build in the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Alaska, and batter the Island. In my memory, the worst storms have been in March and November, but they can happen at any time. Although the Far Side is protected – facing Juan de … [Read more…]

Rural life

When we moved from the city to the country in 2011, we were looking for land. I wanted more room to grow things, and Robert wanted to have a vineyard and sheep. As an introvert, I was also looking for privacy and somewhere more quiet and peaceful. We found good land, and it is private, … [Read more…]

Gardening for life

Gardening saved my life. I have struggled all my life with depression, compounded by a chronic, life-threatening illness diagnosed in my early twenties. In 2011 I had a stem cell transplant to save my life. However, I wouldn’t have survived this long without gardening. Gardening is therapeutic. If I feel depressed, unmotivated, blah, restless – I … [Read more…]