Burning Lamb

A few years ago, our daughter invited me to Burning Man.  I briefly considered it. However, I can’t stand heat, dislike sand storms, and need to have medical support nearby.  Instead, we decided to have Burning Lamb – a full lamb roasted on a spit to be enjoyed by family and friends. Burner gear optional.  The 2015 event was cancelled due to the extreme fire hazard, but we look forward to 2016.

We don’t use our own sheep for this culinary extravaganza.  We thought our guests would feel uncomfortable about that.  Instead, we buy a whole lamb from our friends at Parry Bay Sheep Farm, roast it on a spit over an alder wood fire, and baste it with a bunch of rosemary dipped in olive oil.  Yum!

Chris Roberts and Ida Wellwood – friends and talented artists – created the banner for us.


Nexus 2014-09--24 011 Nexus 2014-09--24 021