On the farm

We raise sheep for meat, and grow vegetables, berries, herbs and flowers.

I’m the gardener. I enjoy working with soil and plants, and feel deeply satisfied serving home-grown meals. Gardening is an optimistic occupation – planting tiny seeds in the belief that they will become a future meal or bouquet.

During the rainy season, I enjoy fibre and textile arts; spinning, weaving, sewing and crochet. I might even learn to knit!  I produce art quilts, handbags, handwoven shawls and crocheted baby sweaters, among other things.

Robert is the shepherd.  He loves to sail and play music, but there’s always a list of things to do on the farm.  He takes care of the sheep, builds barns and shelters and mends fences.  He still has a day job that takes him to Victoria twice weekly, so he has two full time jobs!

We’re always busy on the Far Side.

Our sheep

The garden