Our sheep

We raise hair sheep for meat. They are a Dorper/St. Croix crossbreed – an easy-to-manage breed that produces mild-tasting meat with an excellent nutrition profile. Hair sheep look a lot like goats; they aren’t woolly and require no shearing.  In the winter, they grow woolly blankets on their backs, which they shed during the warmer months. Hair sheep are a good choice in our environment. Their hooves stay healthy in damp conditions and they are parasite resistant. They are browsers rather than grazers and will happily eat salmonberry, fir needles, thistles and elderberry. In fact, they will eat just about anything. Moss, bark, ornamental shrubs…

Our sheep are generally docile and friendly. They are intelligent and have figured out how to open the feed room door and remove the tap head from the rain barrel. We feed them the best quality food available – natural pasture and forage, high protein hay, grain, and trimmings from the vegetable garden. Sometimes they help themselves to the vegetables, but we’re hopeful that the new fence will reduce the number of garden raids.

Our sheep do not receive antibiotics unless they are sick and need intervention. We de-worm on a symptom basis only to minimize the use of medication and work hard to keep our flock healthy naturally. They have shelters for protection from the elements and predators, lots of fresh water, and get head scratches, back pats and treats. They are treated respectfully and raised with love.