But is it sustainable?

Sustainability has become one of those words that gets used with little thought. But it is a really big deal. Climate change, deforestation, pollution and threatened species all serve to remind us that it is a finite world. We can’t take more than what the world can replenish or withstand. This applies to all things … [Read more…]

Leaps forward

In February I was putting on the brakes. The odd weather had the garden confused and I had to reel in my enthusiasm. Now, in May, everthing has leapt forward. The grapevine in the greenhouse has fruit developing. We have a dozen lambs in the barn, lettuce in the garden and a vase of lilac … [Read more…]

It’s just a matter of time…

The past few weeks have been wacky! We started with an extremely mild winter – double digit highs some days and lows above freezing. The daffodils started to jump up, buds developed on all kinds of things that should bave been sleeping and toads started singing in the woods. Then, reality struck. A winter storm … [Read more…]

Winding down

The year is almost over, and once again I am amazed at how quickly time flies. A flurry of medical appointments, a couple of brief trips and suddenly I’m running out of year! My grandson is already two and I’m officially a senior. Gosh. Solctice is later this week – a time of contemplation for … [Read more…]

Challenging times…

Thanksgiving weekend is here – a time for contemplating what we are particularly thankful for in our lives. I’m always thankful for my family, my friends, and the good fortune to have been born in Canada. Thankful for our brimming pantry and bountiful garden. Thankful for our warm and comfortable home. Thankful that we live … [Read more…]

Sharing the bounty

Yesterday, we attended a family reunion. My generation are now the elders of the family – some of us are grandparents. As the family continues to grow, it has also become more widespread, making it difficult for the younger generation who are busy with their babies and jobs to attend family gatherings. We shared photos … [Read more…]

Seeds or starts? Measuring success…

July. Everything is blooming, producing, ripening. Every day is harvest day. In addition to the constant filling of baskets and prepping the bounty for dining or preserving, it is a great time to assess the harvest and the choices I made earlier in the year. In spring, the seductive seed catalogues and racks of seedlings … [Read more…]

Bunnies, bugs and slugs – oh, my!

As the weather warms up, everything starts growing quickly. Soon, we find ourselves tired of eating asparagus every night, overwhelmed with lettuce and wondering what to do with all that parsley. Garden pests to the rescue! Our vegetable garden is well-fenced to keep the deer and sheep out. The resident bear stays out, too. However, … [Read more…]

Digging in.

A month later, the garden renovation is almost complete. Sixteen raised beds have been built, placed and (mostly) planted. The pathways are covered in chip and seeds are sprouting. Everything looks tidy and fresh. Very heavy rain in April slowed down progress and made soil-moving miserable. I don’t usually dig the beds – it isn’t … [Read more…]


The photograph is of the vegetable garden about a year after buying the farm. It was a field of hip-high grass when we arrived but some careful weed whacking uncovered about 20 blueberry bushes, a row of raspberries, a large tri-colour sage and some other herbs. I built raised beds using recycled lumber from outbuildings … [Read more…]